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The Importance of choosing the right Photographer or radiographer – tips to help you!

The Importance of choosing the right Photographer or radiographer – tips to help you!
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Every wedding ceremony is one of the happiest occasions of your life and therefore its really important to capture those special moments….

A photographer will assist you in capturing special snapshots of the event. But one thing a ย photographer canโ€™t do and that is, it doesn’t capture the sounds and overall atmosphere of the occasion. That’s why you need to choose a good videographer. The skill and creativity is very important whether it is a photographer or a videographer.

A camera that is super flashy doesn’t have any importance if the operator is poorly skilled. A poor photo in super HD is still a poor photo, whereas a well-crafted photo can be amazing !.

Therefore the researching process, of professional and reputable companies or individuals it’s really important to check out many things โ€“

  • What is your budget ? This is important you are capturing those special once only moments โ€“ donโ€™t cut back!!!
  • How long have they been established ?
  • Have you thought of the mirror booth/magic mirror or selfie mirror to entertain your guests in the reception whilst the photographer has whisked the newly married couple away for their romantic photos. This way the guests capture their special moment looking fabulous !!
  • Visit them or arrange an appointment to meet them
  • How many weddings have they done ; this examples success and popularity
  • How many wedding are they book for when you want yours โ€“ be ware they donโ€™t over stretch themselves and you end up with out sourced photographers/videographers
  • Companies have portfolios and samples galleries on their website
  • How many reviews have they got or testimonials โ€ฆ..ones actually written by clients. Facebook has reviews โ€“ you can rate by number of stars.
  • Hire someone whose portfolio reflects what you are looking for in style and photo shots
  • Have they worked with your venue before ? this is a good sign they will know how to navigate around to get the best shots!
  • Beware !!Some photographers use models and professional lighting to enhance the photos โ€ฆ So make sure that – you see their โ€˜generalโ€™ wedding photos
  • There are many different photographers and videographer companies available to choose and based on quality and style – cost will vary according to package details.
  • Be careful to see the details of the package specification.
    • Are second shooters (other photographers) included or not,
    • Additional backup hours allotted or not,
    • Hi-res JPGs, DVD
    • Albums included in the price quote, or may be charged extra money.
    • Many companies offer both services (photo & video) this can be a positive , if they are used to working together
    • If they are from different companies there may have different styles and strategies So you may need to check that they both perform according to your requirements
    • How long will it be before you see the outputs of their work ?
    • Sometimes contracts that are imposed, state that the photographers company owns the copyrights to all photos taken at the ceremony (then photographer can use for the promotional purpose) But few may be give the copyright to you
    • Check as you might not approve of your wedding photos being used as promotional as ads.
    • Some photographers also have another policy that you can only share watermarked images or images with their credit on them.
    • So check the policy details.!!!!
    • Important questions to askโ€ฆ.. Do they have a back-up camera, and alternate lenses? Will they bring any assistant shooter?
    • What if itโ€™s a grey day or it rains โ€ฆhow would they tackle the resolutions ?



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