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Do you know where the word ‘Honeymoon’ comes from ?

Well it comes from the olde english ‘honey moone’ a reference to honey, this refers to an indefinite period of tenderness and pleasure experienced by newly weds.. It’s normally the month after the wedding, when the brides’ father would give the groom all the mead he wanted. This is a honey beer.

If you think about it …. your wedding lasts about 6 hours and actually as a happy couple you are in a ‘ wedding bubble’, enjoying meeting all the guests; family members you haven’t seen for ages; friends too and having a great time ! It’s your big part..the best party of your life!!

The actual ‘Honeymoon’ is a time after all the celebrations when everything is still new and you are together, doing things that you both enjoy doing; you love each others’ company. It’s the start of a journey – a trip of a life time!

A honeymoon usually lasts 10 to 21 days ( generally, because wherever you work, has a restriction on how long you can take for holiday).

But when you book a honeymoon there are things to consider, to have the best time ever:
1. Ideal time to book honeymoons is c6-9 months before- DO NOT LEAVE as its will be more expensive.
2. Book it together to ensure it covers what you both are looking for.
3. Never choose the same honeymoon as someone else – we all have different likes and dislikes.
4. Speak to a professional for advice – don’t always rely on the internet.
5. It may be one of the most amazing holidays ever – well, until you make your millions! so make the best of it!

I still remember my honeymoon; this was many years ago ….my first trip to Italy. We were in Verona, the piazza was full of young people, all sitting in the cafes or on their scooters…….the atmosphere was electric! We sat down for a brandy, the glasses came, they were slightly warmed and the brandy was delicious….I can still smell the brandy and hear all the youngsters, I will never forget! Our honeymoon was touring around Italy and there were some amazing sites – well Venice need I say more !

It’s when you have memories such as these, that no matter what you do, they can’t be repeated. We go on holiday to Italy even though it’s amazing it’s not the same!

So the moral here is go on honeymoon to a place that you both love!


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