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Ideas for Wedding Favours ….

Ideas for Wedding Favours ….

Wedding Favours Which People Will Use

When youโ€™re planning a wedding, you want everything to be perfect, from the ceremony to the presents, to the wedding favours which you leave out for people. The wedding favours are especially important, as you want something which will look nice on the table, but still be something your guests will use. To try and help with this, weโ€™ve put together a few suggestions on what to lay for your wedding attendees.


A small bottle or container of a sweet wine or something similar would look great wrapped up in a bow and placed on the table of each guest. Not only will the alcohol look good wrapped up, but it will also be something that your guests will enjoy, and will be a lovely memento of your wedding.

Honey, jam or jelly

Another idea for a wedding favour which is sure to go down well is the introduction of jams and jellies into the mix. They have a long shelf life, come in some cute little jars, and thereโ€™s a variety of flavours available. Itโ€™s something that your wedding guests can take home and enjoy, and itโ€™ll be something great they can remember your special day by.


Something which is quite simple yet very effective, the candle is a wedding favour which can always go down well. Being available in a range of shapes, sizes and flavours, your guests can take it home, light the candle, and enjoy the scents as they fill their home, transporting them back to the day of your wedding.

Lotto tickets

A slightly more alternative yet still fun wedding favour, itโ€™s sometimes worth putting lottery tickets into a smart looking envelope and letting your guests enjoy a harmless scratch card. With the chance for anyone to win some money and no way for anyone to lose money, itโ€™ll be something which people will talk about, being a memorable and offbeat idea.


Being something slightly more traditional yet still a very popular idea, soaps are both a practical and delightful wedding favour to give out. Being available in a range of colours, flavours and sizes, you can hand out a collection of the coupleโ€™s favourite scents, and let everyone share in them.

Photo frames

Another really thoughtful idea is a photo frame for the Mimeofun Mirror Photos. If you hire the magic mirror Mimeofun, one thing they can do is split the hours; this means taking photos of your guests as they arrive at the reception looking fabulous. They are given a print of the photo immediately and this can be put into the photoframe ! So they have a photo of themselves looking amazing at your wedding – a great memento of your wedding day!

Overall, these are just a few of the different wedding favours you can give out to your guests. Other ideas include such things as photographs and copies of the wedding ceremony on DVDโ€™s, but it is entirely up to you. The wedding favour itself is quite an important thing, as theyโ€™ll be out on the tables and youโ€™ll thus want them to look good, but it is important to remember that the primary concern is that theyโ€™re something close to you. This is your wedding after all, and youโ€™ll want it to be memorable and personal, so you should select a wedding favour which reflects both you and your partner, and yet remains a personal, intimate and well thought out item for your guests to enjoy.


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