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The number of marriages is increasing !

The number of marriages is increasing !

Did you know that the number of same sex marriages is slowly increasing year on year ? But the caveat is that in 2013 there was a huge drop, so it is a slow uphill climb.

There were c.247,372 marriages between opposite sex couples in 2014 an increase of 2.7% from 2103 but sadly it’s 6.2% lower than was in 2012. Most of these were solemnized in civil ceremonies; these ceremonies increased by 4.1% compared to religious ceremonies which decreased by 0.8% compared with 2013.

But there were 4,850 same couple marriages in 2014; now these have only been possible since 29th March 2014, so this is very encouraging too ! Interestingly, 2,411 same sex couples converted their civil partnership into a marriage, between 10th and 31st December 2014…….so marriage vows still rule !!

Now, one possible reason why the marriage rates increased in 2014 is possibly because, in 2013 couples postponed their weddings to avoid the unlucky number ’13’.

What age are couples getting married ?

Among opposite sex couples, more women than men married at ages under 30. Those men who were over 30 had married younger women.

With same sex couples, more women than men married at ages under 50, and again at ages over 50 more men got married. Prior to the introduction of marriage for same sex couples more women entered civil partnerships at ages under 40, whilst men were 40 and over.

For marriages of opposite sex couples, the average age for men in 2014 was 37 years, while for women it was 34. If you look at same sex couples in 2014, it was 39 for men and 36 for women.

NB: All facts from Office of National Statistics last info 2014


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