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Summer Parties…….

Summer Parties…….

Summer is here ….time to start partying – those long days, light nights, barbecues, fairy lights in the garden, salads and cool music.

Officially Summer starts on 21st June, but the weather is so unpredictable, its best to make the best of every sunny, hot day that you can…..because the nights will start drawing in before you know it!

It’s so easy as you don’t have to have a garden, but it helps!

Think about what type of food you’re going to have ? Salads and picky bits or a barbecue and picky bits ? You don’t have to have a barbie, there are so many many summery food you can buy in the supermarkets these days and this applies to the barbecue food too. The important thing here is to listen out for the weather report as this will determine as to whether your party is inside or outside.

Make sure you have plenty of ice. Also ensure the drinks are kept separate from the food. Use a large container to put all the beer, bottled drinks etc

Consider making a summer punch or Sangria – this is a brilliant tip ( makes drinks go further).

There other things to consider like invite the neighbours – even those one door down ( They probably won’t come anyway) this will prepare them for the forthcoming party.

Ensure you have have plenty coal for the barbeque – don’t light it too early and when you do light it, wait until the coal turns white and glows nicely before putting any food on the barbie to cook, otherwise you’ll have charred food that’s under done. If you have one of those gas ‘barbies’ it won’t take long to heat at all, maybe 10-15mins.

Now make sure all the salads etc are covered with foil to protect until you’re ready to eat ( you can again, either buy these or make them yourself)

A guideline to food and drink, to help you buy the right quantity ( after all you don’t want to run out too early!!)

1. 6-8 canapes or hors d’oeuvres per person; or buy a load of crisps
2. 1 burger per person ( everyone likes a burger – don’t forget the cheese slices, to melt on the top …mmmm!)
3. c.225grms meat ( chops with the long bone, chicken drum sticks/wings)
4. c.140 grms side salads ( don’t go too mad on salads , as you’ll be left with a load)
5. c.1-2 drinks per person per hour ( when it’s hot, your guests are more susceptible to alcohol, so serve lighter drinks like a sangria or Pimms; also get loads of beers, these definitely go quickly)

Sangria Recipe ( It’s a good idea to make this early about 3 to 4 hours before your guests arrive )
1. Cut up the fruit: 2x oranges, 2x apples 2x peaches into thin slices; 1 c raspberries and 1c blueberries
2. Add 1/2 cup brandy
3. 1/4 cup of Cointreau
4. 1 bottle of red wine
5. 1 litre of sparkling water or if you want it a bit sweeter add tonic water instead of water
Put all this in a large glass jug ( actually you can top up with water as it runs down to about half full …Shhh don’t tell anyone!)

Punch ( non alcoholic)
1 large bottle pink lemonade chilled
1/2 litre cranberry juice
1 litre club soda chilled
1/2 small bag ice cubes
mint springs
1x apple, 1x orange, 1 x peach, 1x cucumber,1c. strawberries sliced thinly

Punch (alcoholic)
Mix 2 parts alcohol to 3 parts punch ( fruit juice and lemonade)
Jazz up the punch with some thinly sliced fruit 1xorange, 1xapple, 1xpeach, 1c strawberries and mint.
For alcohol – you can use – Vodka, white rum, champagne, sparkling wine anything really….this is a really easy recipe, put everything in a large bowl.

This is really easy

Hopefully this will help with your party planning, but remember, make the best of summer, get on planning!!


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