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Weddings – Getting A Wow Factor At Your Big Day

Weddings – Getting A Wow Factor At Your Big Day
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When it comes to your wedding, you naturally want to entertain your guests at the reception and make sure that you and they have a good time. However, providing wedding entertainment which can ensure that โ€˜wowโ€™ factor is something which can be sometimes tricky. Therefore, you need to make sure that you can give them nothing but the very best in wedding entertainment. But what can you choose from to make the wedding experience a memorable one?

Wedding DJโ€™s

If you want to make an event which is truly memorable, why not get a wedding DJ? They turn the wedding from being a quiet affair to a real party, and thatโ€™s something which a lot of people will enjoy. They can cue up pretty much any songs you want and can use the music to whip the crowd into a real frenzy and get everyone worked up, which makes for an awe-inspiring entertainment.

Magic Mirror

Itโ€™s new, innovative, and great fun. A magic mirror is more sociable than a conventional photo booth, as it appeals to all age groups. This is a great way to give guests an instant memento of that special wedding day in the form of a photo that is printed within seconds and wait for it , these photos are full length !

A Magician

Now, weโ€™re not talking about someone who pulls rabbits out of hats, but a good magician is sure to bring a wow factor to the wedding and make the night one that you remember. A high-quality magician will be able to convince people that thereโ€™s actual magic going on, dazzling them with card tricks, visual displays, and a whole range of different methods and skills which will leave people wondering exactly where the coin behind their ear came from.

A Bouncy Castle

I know what you might be thinking. Isnโ€™t a bouncy castle a little bit childish? Thatโ€™s exactly the point of it. It is designed to be immature; to appeal to the inner kid that we all left behind upon reaching adulthood. Something like that will make people stop and stare, but you know that when it comes down to it, theyโ€™ll have so much fun bouncing around and forgetting theyโ€™re adults with jobs and responsibilities for an afternoon.

Firework Displays

Depending upon the time that you plan to have your wedding, a fireworks display can put some โ€˜wowโ€™ into your marriage. Nothing makes the same statement as a massive explosion of colour and shapes in the sky. A fireworks display is powerful, and will never fail to make your wedding guests be dazzled by the sheer number of colours and patterns you can create.


Lastly, the conventional photo booth. These can be quite bulky at times but take photos which are printed instantly. Guests go behind a screen and enjoy the software but these take the upper body only. Probably not as sociable as the magic mirror, but can be fun too!

Chocolate Fountains and Sweetie Carts

These are fun too, but the chocolate fountain can be a bit messy at times, very fattening ! and the Sweetie Cart has an array of sweets taking guests back to their youth โ€“ flying saucers, sherbet fountains and plenty more !

Overall, these are some of the best ideas for your wedding entertainment that will leave a wow factor for your guests. When it comes to your wedding, you want to impress people, and thereโ€™s no better way to do that than to get some fascinating and unique wedding entertainment in for your big day. Whether it is something which appeals to the inner child in everyone, or itโ€™s a fantastic display of fireworks, there are loads of ways that you can entertain your guests and make the event a memorable one. If youโ€™re going for a wow factor, then youโ€™ve got to think outside the box and impress people with something offbeat.


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