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Whats happening in the mirror world?

Whats happening in the mirror world?
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The new wedding season is now starting, it’s amazing to think there are many excited brides preparing for their Big Day! I cannot believe how fast time flies by.

Well, not only are the brides getting ready but we are preparing as well. ย We do have the best style of mirror in the market place, but it’s important to not allow complacency to kick in.

We have new functionality , so the mirror is even better than it was ย before christmas. plus there is new stuff coming through soon !

Okay ! we can now email from the mirror, but if you don’t want this you can press ‘skip’ and it’s gone or I can take it off altogether.

There is now a facility to delete photos at each stage, so if you’re not happy with the photo ย ‘zap’ it’s gone and you can retake.

There are filters available – black/white and sepia; at any stage you can choose what type of photo you would like – lots of choices for your guests.

But it doesn’t stop there …..there is even new ย stuff to be put onto the mirror !!! ย emojis, stamps, etc.

However, I have to think about the guests’ experience, because you can put loads of exciting functionality onto the mirror, but this will slow the whole process down and you know what – queues will develop, and then guests get a bit frustrated ย because they are waiting too long ! .

After all guests love it so much they want to ย experience it , not stand in a queue for ages ย . what do you think , your feedback would be appreciated ??

In my opinion , so long as I have a mirror that takes very good quality photos, with a couple of options like filters – black/white and sepia, I think guests would be happy ?


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